Wicked Good Hair Trend in 2017

Approaching a wicked good hair trend 2017 – for all the fans of simple-complicated hairstyles

It is already obvious that 2017. will be a metal thing in the world of fashion and beauty. Don’t think that we are talking about on the genre of music. We think of metal accessories for hair decorations.

First, it started with a metal wire on the nails and after that with metal in the hair. Actress Vanessa Kirby was seen with a braid that was intertwined with a number of silver metal chains. Her stylist Adir Abergel gave it a romantic hairstyle slightly rebellious tone with the new fashion accessory from his own collection of jewelry.

Abergel says that chains can be incorporated into any type of braids, but they should be well secured. We are confident that we will see this many times during 2017, and we must admit that we like this wicked style.

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